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Our Services

J2k/Mpeg2 Conversion for Ad Commercials/Films/Slides for Cinema Advertising

J2k Conversion is the process of converting the edited shoot material in to a special format which is compatible with the standard cinema projectors. The format is called J2k(JPEG2000) which is a special 2k resolution DCP format(Digital Cinema Projection) format. We provide excellent quality and prompt J2k conversion services at competitive prices for Ad Commercials/Trailers/Documentaries/Slides. We have delivered services to our clients in North and South India( Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Karnal ,Delhi) for various Ad Commercials /Films/Slides/Short movies.

Digital Data Recovery Services

Imagine what it feels like when all of a sudden your hard drive becomes inaccessible or crashes and the data is wiped out. Chill down the spine!!. Yes, this is how it feels like. But don't worry !!, We at Cinema India 18, ensure that you never loose you memorable moments and ensure all your critical data remains completely safe. We provide complete and secure data recovery services for all brands of SD card, Micro SD cards, CF cards, Video cards, Flash Drives and Hard Disks at a very nominal price. Along with this , we also provide mobile recovery services for brands like Samsung, Motorola etc.

Commercial Video editing Services

Editing is the back bone of video ,which adds life and strength to the professional shoot. It is the creativity of the editor and his team to customize the work flow patterns for final shoot material. At Cinema India 18 , we ensure that we deliver services that exceeds customer expectations ranging from basic to advanced video editing services for AdFilms/Slides/Ad Commercials/Films. It is not about money but the relationship that drives any business.

Ad Films/ Ad Commercials production

“Advertising the World and the World of Advertising“

Advertisement or Ad Films is the interface for any brand or service promoted by an organization and acts as the first point of sight for the end consumer .It all begins with the right positioning of the brand to the right target audience to create the first impact and create brand recognition. Thus creation of the right ad makes all the more sense. We at CinemaIndia18, ensure that we gain insight in the minds of our customer ,to really understand what is the customer really seeking to bring in the front for that product or service proposition and then strategize, curate and implement the right service mix . We ensure that we have a lasting relationship based on a strong foundation of mutual trust and deliver services far exceeding their expectations to create that WOW experience. At the end of the day , more than money , it is the trust and lasting relation earned that makes the real difference. We have undertaken commercial assignments for various Indian and International brands. Few of our clients includes KFC and Fragrance brands.

Wedding Photography

No Marriage is complete without videos and photos to capture the happy moments. Indian couples and their families have now realised that candid wedding photography and pre-wedding photography is the only way they can capture the beautiful moments in their life on that special day. We At Cinema India 18 , ensure that those picture perfect moments are freezed for a lifetime and captured and framed in photos , videos with a cinematic look to the whole occasion. Our team of photographers and videographers ensure that that all the details are taken care of before delivering the final wedding assignment.

Commercial Cameras Equipments on Hire

Commercial Professional Cameras, Lenses and other Film Shoot equipments are available on hire for Professional Shoot ,Wedding Photographers and Videographer, Commercial Films, Documentary and Still Photography.

Professional Cameras(Canon)

  • Canon Mark-II, 5D, EOD
  • Canon Mark-III,5D, EOD
  • Black Magic Production 4K
  • Go Pro for Stills
  • Sony NX3

Professional Lenses(Canon)

  • Glide Cam
  • Canon Zoom Lense EF 70/200 mm IS I USM f/2.8 L
  • Canon Zoom Lense EF 70/200 mm Non IS Ultra Sonic f/2.8 L
  • Canon Zoom Lense EF 70/200 mm Non IS f/4 L USM
  • Canon Zoom Lense EF 24/105 mm IS f4 L USM
  • Canon Zoom Lense EF 16/35 mm f/2.8 L USM
  • Canon Lense EF 50 mm f/1.8 L

Film Shoot Equipments

  • Glide Cam
  • Jimmy Gip
  • Tripod
  • Monopod
  • Follow Focus
  • Track and Trolley
  • Dolly
  • Slider
  • Led Monitor
  • Shoulder Mount

Professional Lights

  • LED Lights
  • Halogen Lights
  • Light Stand
  • Umbrella

Professional Sound Equipments

  • Boom Mic
  • Zoom Recorder
  • Lapel Mic