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Kapture The Moments

Indian weddings are something that everyone one looks up to, not only in India but from across the globe. The Indian colorful attire, the designer suits, the stage and the sets, people interacting and mingling, dancing all the way into the night, lights, music, sumptuous dishes add to the pomp and show for that memorable night. More than all this, it is the union of two souls from two different families of different cultural backgrounds. As has been said, ” Marriages are made in heaven and celebrated on earth”. It is the commencement of a new journey of two souls who pledge to walk together while rediscovering and exploring each other on their way and since it’s the beginning of a new journey, its deserves to be celebrated with finesse and care.
For us, Photography is the art of capturing the emotions untold, hiding beneath the surface. It is about bringing out the best from the subject and express it in a manner that creates the WOW moment and delightful experience never envisaged before.We believe that photography is less about handing the equipment, the camera angle and lenses and more to do with the passion, love, and sensitivity for the art of presenting craft caressed with care.
We at Kapture the moments, as photographers, have kept ourselves aligned with the latest technology and have state of the art equipment and lighting techniques to be more representative and updated.

Candid Wedding Photography

A moment or an emotion when captured in its most natural form that brings you in that state of bliss is what Candid Photography all about.
That sudden “Aha” moment, that joy derived or that overwhelming feeling experienced in that moment, mixed feeling of departure from the love one’s and arriving into a new world and beginning of a new life cannot be expressed but just felt, is the art that a perfect candid photography brings out. The vivid and spontaneous nature that truly mesmerizes and brings out the best from you is what candid photography all about.
Our team of well equipped and experienced photographers is there to carve out those special and elated moments to take you in a world of fantasy and create those extraordinary moment and present it in its ultimate form.

Pre-wedding Shoots

Pre wedding shoots have now turned the tables as to how we look at the norm of marriages. It talks about who you are, how you want to express yourself to your better half, what you feel about your partner, and how you can tell your story in most romantic manner. It is also about feeling comfortable in each other’s space and getting away with a feeling of meeting a stranger before the marriage. It is the day of impressing your partner with your style, persona and body language before the camera.Well, the times are changing; pre-wedding and candid photography has now taken up the front stage and is now adding a new flavor to the traditional Indian marriages and have thus become indispensable. The new generation has altogether a different perspective towards how they say and feel about their wedding. The wedding couples and their families have now started realizing that pre-wedding shoots and candid wedding photography has added a new dimension to their memorable moments and is an integral part and parcel of this beautiful experience which should be crafted and captured in a very memorable way.
We, at KAPTURE THE MOMENT, realize the significance, and the emotional value attached to these moments and thus our team of wedding photographer and cinematographers meticulously craft out the best wedding assignments and become an integral part of your event as your own family.