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“Advertising the World and the World of Advertising“

Ad Films is the interface for any brand or service promoted by an organization and acts as the first point of sight for the end consumer .It all begins with the right positioning of the brand to the right target audience to create the first impact and create brand recognition. Thus creation of the right ad makes all the more sense.

CinemaIndia18 Ad Films

We at CinemaIndia18, ensure that we gain insight into the minds of our customer ,to really understand what is the customer really seeking from  that product or service proposition and then strategize, curate and implement the right service mix .
We ensure that we have a lasting relationship based on a strong foundation of mutual trust and understanding and  deliver services far exceeding their expectations to create that WOW experience. At the end of the day, it is the trust and lasting relation earned that makes the real difference. We have undertaken commercial assignments for various Indian and International brands. Few of our clients includes KFC and Fragrance brands.